MEMO IN SUPPORT A.9507-B from Agencies for Children’s Therapy Services

March 13, 2018 | ACTS in Albany

March 13, 2018

Agencies for Children’s Therapy Services (ACTS) represents Early Intervention agencies from around the State and whose providers perform a majority of the Early Intervention evaluations and services. ACTS STRONGLY SUPPORTS The Assembly Budget bill, A.9507-B as it relates to the provisions impacting the Early Intervention Program.

The Assembly rightfully rejects proposals made by the Executive which would have made less rigorous the evaluation process of thousands of children at risk each year. And the Assembly rightfully rejects proposals which would add an enormous and costly new layer of bureaucracy to the billing process by requiring that every denied claim be appealed before a provider could be reimbursed. Such a new administrative burden would delay payments to already financially strapped providers by additional months and likely not result in any tangible savings to the state or counties.

Instead the Assembly smartly seeks to eliminate the fruitless billing of commercial insurance and replace it with a “Covered Lives assessment”. Currently commercial insurance companies reject about 83% of all claims submitted to it and their reimbursement only totals 2% of the overall Early Intervention payments. This rate of denial of claims has existed for the entirety of the 25 year Early Intervention program. Covered Lives would save the state and counties millions of dollars in payments each year that they ought not have to make and would save providers enormous time and expense from the futile billing process of commercial insurance.

A.9507-B also recognizes that Early Intervention providers of home services have had no increase of any kind in over 15 years and thereby keeps the Governor’s proposed 2% rate increase.

ACTS congratulates the Assembly leadership and recognizes the work done by Assemblyman Gottfried and Assemblyman Cahill in crafting these important policy recommendations. We urge the Senate to join with the Assembly in supporting these critical measures.

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March 13, 2018