Why Join ACTS?

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ACTS Membership Allows You to Join Leaders in the NYS Early Intervention & CPSE Programs

ACTS provides your agency with vital, timely assistance and service, including dissemination and interpretation of crucial policy and regulatory matters, proactive advocacy at the county and state levels, connection with political and beuracratic leaders, and connection with your fellow leaders at other EI and CPSE agencies.

ACTS advocates for and support public policy initiatives that will benefit our member agencies and the families we serve, and we vigorously oppose detrimental policies.


Because of the efforts of ACTS we have:

Helped to engineer a resolution adopted by the State Early Intervention Coordinating Council (EICC) in the Fall of 2022.

Helped to coordinate with more than a half dozen other EI advocacy groups and through our combined efforts we had a constant presence and communication with the Legislature and the Governor.

Testified at the Legislative Budget Hearings pressing our case for an 11% rate increase.

Lobbied the Legislature to support our rate increase request, as a result both the Assembly and the Senate proposed an 11% rate increase to be included in the budget.

Monitored and objected to EI regulation changes to a proposed LOWERING of the EI rate for services rendered via teletherapy and opposing the Governor’s recommendation to LIMIT Back-to-Back Extended services which impacts mostly ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).

Spearheaded multiple email lobbying campaigns that ultimately were responsible for hundreds of thousands of advocacy email being sent to legislators and the Governor.

Generated favorable press coverage of the needs of underserved children in the EI Program.

Proactively support agencies with Medicaid/OMIG and other audits.

ACTS Commitments

Continue to follow up with the Bureau of Early Intervention (BEI) about the problem that has been widely reported by providers regarding the difficulty in obtaining parent signatures on weekly service logs.

Continue to monitor very closely the progress towards the transition from NYEIS to EI Hub

Continue to press the Governor’s office to ensure that the Governor signed our Covered Lives bill.

Continue to press the Governor’s office to ensure that Executive Order (EO38) has been rescinded in its entirety.