ACTS Mission

ACTS members work collaboratively and continuously toward enhancing the quality of services offered and provided to children with special needs and their families.

ACTS members respect both the letter and the spirit of the law contained in the Federal Individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA) as provided through Preschool and Early Intervention Services.

ACTS members ensure their providers practice in accordance with their professional code of ethics, which fully encompasses the skill-set required to meet the needs of families and children alike.

ACTS members share and remain aware of current trends in child development and in the delivery of individualized educational services.

ACTS members understand and respect the importance of providing services in the child’s natural or least restrictive environment.

ACTS members recognize the importance of the family in every aspect of the child’s development, treatment, and progress.

ACTS members acknowledge and respect the significant role of language and culture in a child’s development.

ACTS members and Politicians work together to ensure the healthy develoment of all children.