ACTS, Health Care, and Social Services Organizations: A Common Cause

July 16, 2023 | ACTS in Action

ACTS filed a detailed set of objections and recommendations to the Governor’s and the Department of Health’s (DOH) proposed regulations to arbitrarily limit Industry Compensation at levels well below market standards for Early Intervention and other Health Care, Human Service and social service providers. We also objected to the limitation of only 15% of a budget being appropriated to administrative expenses. Both proposals although perhaps well intentionedare unrealistic and unworkable.

Compensation for important and complicated leadership positions should not be limited to some arbitrary amount. Highly trained and skilled executives should be able to earn what their requirements and their job portfolio demand. New York State cannot afford to lose these highly sought after professionals to other states who do not impose any such restrictions.

Moreover by limiting a company’s use and access to their own revenue will only stifle the growth of health and human service oriented entities. At risk children and other vulnerable populations will be the oneswho will suffer. On the strength of our response to these proposed regulations as well as those of other groups, DOH is presently revisiting these proposals and is expected to release revised proposed regulations in October.