ACTS Fights to Protect Professional Scope of Practice AND Parent Choice

September 18, 2023 | ACTS in Action

The Department of Health issued proposed regulations that would create havoc in the evaluations and services of children who require Early Intervention. Over the strenuous objection of the State Early Intervention Coordinating Council (EICC), DOH is proposing that those persons who conduct the evaluations of children may not be professionally connected with the service providers even if such service provider is the choice of the parents. Moreover these regulations also would prohibit an Evaluator from also being a Service Coordinator. The only things that these proposed regulations will unwittingly accomplish is to limit a parent’s choice is selecting a service provider for their children and piercing the scope of practice for highly qualified professional therapists and others. The notion that Evaluators are somehow inappropriate to also provide services is as nonsensical as suggesting that a Doctor who diagnoses an illness should be disqualified from treating that same patient.

These proposed regulations are now in the public comment period until October 22. Persons who wish to offer their comments may do so by forwarding their opinions to:

Katherine Ceroalo
Regulatory Counsel
NYS Department of Health
ESP Tower-room 2438
Albany, New York 12237
Or by e-mail at: